My Mother

I grew up in a family I know wasn't perfect,

but we all managed to make it through.

Whenever I think back I know it was worth it,

but without her I wouldn't know what to do.

She helped me to believe in destiny

and showed me how to be a leader.

Whenever I was down she would rescue me,

and was there when I felt I needed her.

Nomatter what happened she didn't let go

and did everything to keep us together.

Even when I did wrong she wanted me to know

she would love me always and forever.

We all make mistakes, and yes she hurt me in the past,

but I forgave her and moved along.

Now we have a friendship I know will last,

because she raised me to be a woman who's strong.

She always hoped the best for me to do right,

and not to follow in her footsteps.

Though we would argue and sometimes fight,

honestly, I have no regrets.

Sometimes when I look into her eyes

I can see a part of me there.

I can feel her pain whenever she cries,

and I know we have a love which is rare.

Nomatter what she'll be in my heart

and could never be replaced for another.

She's beautiful, intellegent, straight forward, and smart,

and that woman will always be my mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Now I have the deepest respect for my mom who has made so many changes in her life to better herself. Love ya.

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