Does it matter I'm rite here?

Do you notice me?

Do you even care?

Maybe my being here you take for granted.

Where is your heart?

You will notice my existance when I do not exist.

You will miss me here only when I am gone.

Questioning myself..."?"

Wondering where I stand in your life.

To you...

Do I even exist?

I only speak to be ignored.

Do I make your heart joyous just knowing of my presence?

Do I shed some light on your lonely darkness?

You expect me to love you, and you expect to receive.

Why won't you try?

Let me fill your empty void,

although I'm contenplating whether to leave

Should I?

Why not?

To you...

I don't even exist.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's depressing going through a ten year relationship being ignored and pushed aside. Why so long? Love makes you do crazy things.

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