Decorative Soul

Running through life,

never stopping.

Not even haulting for time.

All I've wanted is now mine.

Being blessed.

Love and respect,

not one defect.

My family and friends

are here 'til it ends.

But you,

you are now in my heart.

Your visions so special

they remind me of art.


You encouraging my life.

And me,

me decorating yours;

with flowers,

with love,

with smiles,

with hugs.

Something so meant to be.

I am decorating it with ME.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you're going to have any impact on ones life, atleast let them remember you for the better part of it.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

like this poem much and done in a good and perfect way..hope you go through mine too .... love to read your more poems ...if there are new.. be intouch to be a good and fair friend to share comments... I am with 6 books in hand and you? hope you do more poems like it.....

Sandeep  N S's picture

This is one of the beautiful poems i had come across .Excellent work.I love the way u had written it.

Liked it a lot.

Expecting more from you,