Always Be Strong

If I had advise to give to you

I'd say, "always be strong".

As you begin to live your life

you'll realize those days are long.

You'll finally see you're only human,

and it's not a weakness if you cry.

You'll live your life to its' fullest

because one day all will die.

Hopefully you'll see the difference between who loves you,

and who's "just there".

Maybe one day you'll fall in love,

and in return they'll also care.

Though the road in life gets bumpy,

you must accept it and move along.

Never forget what I said to you.

Nomatter what, "always be strong".

There's people I know who love you

and have hopes you are okay.

They pray to God that you are happy

and smiling day by day.

If there's one thing I can promise,

I'll be your strength when you can't go on.

So when you're down please think of me,

and remember...ALWAYS BE STRONG.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the ones I love dearly... When you feel you can't go on put your heart in my hands for healing.

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