I walk through this world with a smile on my face

pretending I don't give a damn.

Where inside, my heart is bruised and wounded,

and no one knows who I really am.

They look in my eyes, but can't see my soul

yet no one seems to pay any mind to it.

I am waiting patiently to fall in love,

but it seems I'm always ten feet behind it.

I'm on a lonely journey to succeed in finding out

exactly what my life is about.

I'm a strong person at heart, and also in mind,

but now I'm trapped with no way out.

I look at this world and I can see its beauty,

but I do also notice a scary side.

At certain points in my life I acted so tough.

When I was alone, I sat there and cried.

I'm barely begining to see who I truly am,

and now I know, for sure, without a doubt,

I have a soft spot for people who I want to help,

and I am beautiful...Inside and out.

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Yeung Alice's picture

YES, you are beauty. I do read some of your poems.. Its' really nicer than mine haha I had same problems as you described in the poem too. I cannot face myself til now. If you forced me to put some words to describe myself. I rather give a chance for my friends to say it. Anyway, I have found my strengths finally. No matter it's a false illusion...i want love only. Thanks anyway.. see ya.. Hope can see more good poems from you soon.

Donna Allard's picture

I remember feeling the same. Now I realize I was a blank sheet waiting for the ink to pour..and it has! And its now my career/smile! Keep Writing Keep Informed Keep Peace Saphie