Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a young girl

who thought her life would only worsen.

She believed there was no man in this world

who could love her inside, as a person.

There were no more smiles, only sighs,

but across the ocean of love she wanted to sail.

Once, she had heard that when everything dies

it is love which will prevale.

One beautiful night through her window she would peak

to daydream to herself for a while.

She seen a man so perfect, and wanted to speak,

but was mesmerized by his smile.

She tried to hold all her feelings inside

because she remembered when her heart had been broken.

It was also because she had too much pride,

so between them there was not a word spoken.

One problem she had was she didn't know how to trust,

but she really didn't want to doubt him.

She felt in her heart that it was a must,

and she knew she couldn't live without him.

So she put it all aside, ran over to him,

and her love she would reveal.

Her heart would never be broken again

since her Fairy Tale had become real.

Some people say "Love Is Blind,"

and he did everything he could to charm her.

Little did she know she would find

her Knight in Shining Armor.

That beaautiful night she realized

Cupid was giving her a sign.

She'll never forget how he gazed in her eyes,

and it all happened Once Upon A Time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I once was told I had a dream of what true love was, and that it was a "Fairy Tale."

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Elizabeth Nieves's picture

I loved your poem and it was beautifully written