The saddest words

The saddest words I ever heard were when she looked up from her hospital bed

    and said ,

 "Did you know my mother's dead?"


I said  "yes, mom I know it happened long ago,"

Then,"someone should have told me so"

I told her she knew, but must have forgotten,

With tears in her eyes, she looked away,

I just felt like talking to her today

I wanted to tell her that I tripped

I wanted to tell her I fell and broke my hip

I squeezed her hand and held it tight,

I told her everything would be all right

She didn't speak again that night,

But by the early morning light

yesterday was forgotten, along with all her precious memories of her family, and her life

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very sad indeed. made me tear

very sad indeed. made me tear up a little. thanks for sharing such a powerful piece