Saturday Mornings

Sipping hot cocoa

Rubbing Sleepy eyes

Holding my Grandkids at my side

This is my favorite way to spend Saturday morn

No need to hurry, we have all day

Lets take it easy, let time slip away

No meetings to go to

No time clock to punch

We can sit here all day

At least until lunch

Just talking and singing

With a tickle or two

Loving every moment

But there always to few

Trying to stretch our visit into two days not one

But as the sunsets Mommy and Daddy come

Its time to go home, we kiss everyone goodby

We zip up jackets and tie up shoes

And wave good bye, Please come back soon!!

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I really, really like this

I really, really like this one.  A couple of spelling errors kind of snag the eye during the first read, but nonetheless, the poem's emotional resonance is really excellent.  As a Grandfather myself, I have watched my wife experience much of this with our grandchildren.

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