One More Day

I listen to her stories  About all she did today. She always has that beautiful smile. But her eyes seem to drift away. She tells me how she's gardened,Made cookies (the one that Daddy likes) , Did the laundry and the shopping  And stayed up past midnight.    How I wish those things were true, I wish with all my heart,  But her mind is locked into another time.  Reality she can not find.  So I push her around in her "favorite chair"  And listen to her stories,  I remember the days not to long ago.   When all those things were true. I long for just one more day to sit and talk   Like Mothers and Daughters do   

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I followed my Mother on her journey with Alzheimers. I wrote from my heart as I watched her slip away little by little. She was and still is a big inspiration in my life.  

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I feel 4 u, my family has

I feel 4 u, my family has also nown this sorrow.