Mental Illnesses

Aimlessly she stares

at the patterns on her wall.

"It's not real" she says

as the wall

closed in on her.

"It can't be real" she yells

as she hears

footsteps around her.

"Are you home?" 

She textes her sister,

but she replies no.

"Why can I hear you?"

She screams.

The voices,

they sound exactly

like the people I know,

but they can't be real.

My grandma would never say,

"Kill yourself!"


"Yes you do."

My mother tells do.

I DON'T want to.

"No one loves you!"

My bestfriend tells me.

I don't.

"It would be so easy."

My boyfriend says.

I though I could be happy.

You will never be happy.

You don't deserve happiness.

I fight off these thoughts,

but they aren't thoughts anymore.

They are voices in my head.

They are people

   who aren't actually there.

They are the shadows

   that lurk around me.

They are the walls

   I feel closing in.

They are my fears

   and my dreams.

They are always here

but they aren't real.

It's not real.

It can't be real.

Why is it real?


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purplebutterfly's picture

I believe those voices are

I believe those voices are people's lost spirits that are very upset for whatever their reason,

and they are channeling through you because you have a spiritual gift of hearing them more than others. Try going for Reiki Energy healing, as it can balance your energies in ways that will feel like miracles. :)