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Pawnee Rock, KS USA

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I enjoy writing..poems..romance novels..short stories for my kids...anything that can make me smile or laugh..

I'm a 36 year old single mom of 2 kids..My daughter is 17 yrs old and my son is 11 yrs old...I grew up in Europe and I'm learning to set my creative spirit free...seeing the world through someone else's eyes, a laugh..or even a tear...I really got into writing when I was 17 yrs old and diagnosed with a type of cancer that I have battled for 15 yrs..now in remission...I don't take anything for granted these days as I don't know when my time will be up...but hopefully not for many many years..After a year of extremem back pain and not being able to walk, I had a S/P Lumbar Laminectomy done for a herniated disk on the L4/L5 spinal bones. I now have a couple of permanent disabilities with my bladder as surgery was a success on my back but damaged some other organs. I'm learning to live with this disability and hoping my writing will improve and take a different course in life. I will keep on writing and hopefully get some more poems on here.

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Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a Gift. That is why it's called the Present.


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