He should be dead


When you have flogged a man, and tortured him

And nailed him to a cross for a day,

                         He should be dead!

We paid good money to get rid of him,

      He was locked up with the criminals,

      Hauled into court, beaten by the guards


Caiaphas tore his clothes and pronounced sentence,

       Herod didn’t care. He was amused.

                The Roman governor signed the death warrant,

                           And washed his hands of the case.

                        The crowds shouted for his death.

                                So why isn’t he dead?


We all went out to see him die, just to be sure.

      No desperate last minute rescue;

      No tricky switches of the victim.

We shouted a few jokes.  “Who’s the Saviour now.”

      So he would know we were there watching.

We saw him die.   A last dying shout and it was over.


The Roman soldiers were experts.  They knew their job.

       They drove their long spear right into his heart

       So the execution would be over before sunset.

He was dead.  His body was released for burial.


Just to be sure, we sealed the tomb, 

     And set a guard to secure the corpse....

                                                        So why isn’t it there now?

Where’s the body?   There was no raid. No attack.

We had to pay the guards not to tell the truth.


Besides he was in his shroud, - a discredited leader.

      His little “Kingdom” revolution was over.

            His disciples should have run back to hide in Galilee -


So why are they strutting round the temple,

      Preaching the wicked lie that we crucified the Messiah?

            When we tried so hard to destroy a deceiver?

                 How could it have gone so wrong?


       Oh God of Israel, He wasn’t the One -   Was He?


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I like the way you have used

I like the way you have used a skeptic's point of view for this poem.