Jesus in Gethsemane


If Jesus had been just God, in a human shape

     When He walked the dusty roads of Galilee,

He could have healed and blessed the crowds of people,

      But He couldn’t have felt things the way they felt.

Or thought about the world the way they thought,

      Or laugh when people laughed, or sometimes wept..


He wouldn’t have felt cold or tired or hungry,

      Or tempted to take the easy way out

When His mission looked too risky or hard.

      But Jesus was also human, fully human,

Just like you and me.  He could feel disappointed

      Excited or sad, joyful, or worried, or afraid. 


Even as a child He knew he had a destiny,

      To carry out His heavenly Father’s will.

He cared for his family and worked hard for them.

      But He had a purpose which couldn’t be suppressed,

A light to shine in darkness, a message to proclaim

      A kingdom to establish and some followers to train.


On the night when the soldiers came to seize Him,

      There was so little time to prepare Himself,

He needed prayer to reach out to His Father,

      He needed friends to cover Him with love.

His human body shrank from pain and torture,

      His spirit shrank from mockery and hate.


As a man, He went to meet the arresting party.

     As a victim, He received the Judas’ kiss.

As their leader He protected His frightened followers.

     As the prisoner, He marched away in dignity,

Trusting that God who led him into darkness

     Would lead Him out of anguish into Life!


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I am sorry for the glitch that opened a second comment.

I am sorry for the glitch that opened a second comment.  Please delete.  I did not mean to clutter up this poem's comment section.


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This is a very unique

This is a very unique perspective on Gethsemane.