From the ageless Love that lives beyond the universe

   You entered the tiny world of a human baby,

Where your wobbly, waving limbs were too weak even

    To carry your own weight, or to hold the things you wanted.


From Supreme Power, you became totally dependent

    On a teen-age girl and her bewildered husband.

They had no instruction book, just common sense,

    And they trusted that God knew what He was doing.


It wasn’t well organized.  They had to travel a distance

    The night before the birth; they had no accommodation,

No midwives, or clucky helpful aunties to take control.

    Just the two of them and some curious animals watching.


No one else knew what was happening until ragged shepherds

    Turned up at the door with a wild story about angels

Singing and dancing all over the sky with unlikely songs

    About peace on earth, and goodwill for ordinary people.


Meanwhile snuggled into his mother, the heavenly baby

    Was hungry for the first time, and cried for his mother’s milk.

Once satisfied, he stretched, yawned and dropped off to sleep.

    The Creator of the universe was learning to be a mere creature.


He had to be helped and protected from the threats of this world,

    Worshipped by wise men and whisked away to Egypt,

Hidden in Nazareth for all his growing years, with only glimpses

    Of His real identity.   The secret was proclaimed openly by John.


Then God’s plan was on, sign by sign, wonder by wonder,

     Reversing our values and challenging our status quo.

God had entered our world unseen and under cover,

     So that He could lead us back to Him through death to Life!


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This is another excellent

This is another excellent summary of the Nativity events.  I would question, however, your statement that "It wasn;t well organized."  That directly contradicts the last line of the preceding stanza, and also implies a criticism of God's exact plan for accomplishing all this.