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duh, poetry; its my passion. I also like to read murder mysteries (love Mary Higgins Clark) and historical romance novels :)

(I know i'm a nerd)

if ya like my poems that ya read, could ya tell me? i really like to hear about your reactions to wut i write or wut ya think. btw, i can take negative criticism so im fine if there is something ya dont like about my poetry. oh, and i love to chat online so if ya wanna IM me, i'm definately up for a good chat :)

mkay, thnx a bunch of bananas!

luv ya,


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Hmmmmm if you really wanna know then ask me :)

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''The story of your life is not your life. It is your story.''
~John Barth~

''intelligence is the key to understanding.
understanding is the doorway to endurance.
endurance is the hallway to life.
life is your home.''
''A heart is not a playing thing,
A heart is not a toy,
but if you want it broken,
Just give it to a boy.

Boys,they like to play with things
To see what makes them run,
But when it comes to kissing,
They do it just for fun.'' unknown


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