Tv at the laundromat



lashed mind to hear the

cacophony of feigned fortune-

fame asserts its pride-

the TV screens collide

in cacophony!

LED machines to flash it's obscene,

candescent, intertwined, inescapable,






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the distorted picture invades

the distorted picture invades the mind and decides the crime you commit for the dime to eat less sleep less proactively weep posessive the thoughts of advertisement creep its a war rugged and sore our mind is raw weak like the entity we eat up the fantasy reap work and cant you see the brainwashing thoughts are sloshing about in the flood of wanted rappour cross legged on floor we sit and stare the TV said we shouldn't care



Inspiring piece! keep it up!


I aplogeise if you feel my poems are not correctly standardised or grammatically perfect - dark, too detailed, etc... Alot of my writing just flows all in one, so I try not to edit it afterwards otherwise I start changing the work- which h