Ash! Skies massify
glass paintings of
saff brain things
shing shang shong
wrong!!!!! Pass me
bleaming on a booming
chase, oh gaze the lady!
peeing on the tree for free,
it seems we've seen the sun,
for fun, it seems. Oh! dreams of
gun, my overdrum upon the
Hee - he is heating patientLY
warming cum, the working wang
pains the bare of art. Car
seat programs dam the gold
at once. Is it mean?
Precisely not. wet dreams,
however, are.

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We have an open editorial policy on PosPoems - nothing is worth condemnation.  I found "warmin cum" a nice friction image, one of pleasure (which was probably not the point). Use any words you like the idea is the same or the metaphor elusive. It  inspires the question: Do women have wet dreams? - I found it rather real: men do "pee on trees for free: - I found it hilarious actually. I love a good phallic image, if well done - this one was (for shock value?). Only the poet can tell us. I'm 69 and refences to sex, physical exudations, male/female excitation is always a means of getting me out of the complacent, mundane, and sterile. There is a place in poetry for everything here, except condemnation. We welcome and embrace gauche and tasteless all the time. U R going to love the bitch, fuck, shit, muthafukah, cunt,  and asshole poems. Welcome to the greatest poetry site on earth! - slc



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Somewhat vulgar but an

Somewhat vulgar but an expression nonetheless.

That said it was Gauche and tastless.

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I am abstinent

I was going for that. It was supposed to be portraying delirium and having sexual dreams.