The Unseen


Open your mind
And your eyes
To see
The far too many
Who go unnoticed
Yes unseen
Day after day

Month after month
Year after year
Our understanding
Of what it means
To be hungry
And freezing
Dying on the streets
For all sorts
Of reasons
And yet
The saddest
Part is
Not only
That they

But that
They exist
Right before
Our very eyes
Hell many of us
Walk past them
And yet not once
Do we ever
Seem to notice
We are just
Too absorbed
With our own lives
To actually
Get involved
To take even
A second
Out of our day
To at least
Show that we care
Or even acknowledge
That they
Are even there
And yet still
We wonder
Exactly why
Our world
Always seems
To be heading
Straight to hell
Gee maybe
If we cared more
Or even acknowledged
That they were there
And tried to help
In any way
We could
Maybe society
Wouldn't seem too bad
But hey maybe

Thats just me
What do you think

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