Equal Rights

Equal rights
Are not for
Us to give
But rather to
And accept
The fact
That like it or not
Even with our differences
We are all and should be
Treated as equal
Black, white,
Indian, Asian
Big or small
We all have rights
That should be a given
Instead of given
By people who
Mistakenly think
They have the right
We need to get it
Through our heads
And see the light instead
Money does not make
Your life worth more
Than others
Neither does race
Or whether you
Are gay or straight
We all have a purpose
And equal right
To the life
We were meant to be living
Just remember that
The next time
Away someones rights
You are trying to take

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Equal rights:



You are right there is always and are too many opressive people in the world. I think most economic  systems world wide are to archaic for functional use, as most of them insist that their en masses won't need anything. Which is realy absurd. Liked your poem very much it is a good read, appreciated the message also always someone trying to diminish your rights as an individual.