I look At Our History

Random Favorites

I look at our history
And The anger rises
Inside of me
I look at our history
And I see
Just how cruel
And heartless
We too can be
Our ancestors
Came here
To be free
But soon brought
Others into slavery
Though slavery did
Eventually end
The message of unity
We did not send
There was hate
Fear and anger
In everyone
Slavery had ended
But the hate
Had not gone
Why did it
Have to be
That way
Why won't this
Hate go away
Why does it feel
Like hate is
Here to stay
It was here yesterday
And is here today
Will it be
Here tomorrow
Only if we keep
On living this way
So this message
You can borrow
In the midst
Of all this sorrow
Forget hate and
Learn to tolerate
For bleak is our fate
If we keep living this hate

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