Turmoil In Need Of A Stand

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A world 
In turmoil
Taking it's toll
On society
As a whole
And yet
Day to day
We never

Seem to see
What we do to
Each other
And how it effects
The whole
Of society
So we just stuff
It down
Not to feel
And just do what
We have been

All too well
To do
But society
When was the last time
You were truly you

Lost and confused
Each other
No one else
Truly knows either
Welcome everybody
To the truth
Of society

Verse 2
Wake up
Start your day
Same way
No matter the day

Wears you down
But you don't
Dare frown

Why not question things
Why not go against
That status quo
To make things
For you
And your bro
You can do it you know
Yes you really can
All it takes
Is one to make 
A fucking stand


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Self-denial, hard for a species dedicated to hiearchic lifestyles. We think in tiers climbing in search of ultimate security/happiness. while some of us attain it, most never will. I give you: HOMO SAPIEN.