Public Enemy Number One Society

Another day
Another reason
To shake
My head in shame
At what I see
In the news
On the tv
So common
It's expected
To the point of waking up
Every damn day
Asking who is going 
To get shot 

By an asshole mad
At not getting their way
Or whatever the excuse is that day
To not care about
The loved ones
Of the person they are
About to take away
A child 
Stabbed to death
Taken away
By another child
On Mother's Day
She was only thirteen
He was only fourteen
How is this 
Supposed to make sense
To anybody
A crime so disgusting
That barely makes us
Bat an eye 
Before the next crime
The next public shooting happens
And the nightmare
Starts again
Tell me society
What are we
Supposed to do
About a world in which
Public enemy 
Number one
Has truly
Become everybody

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Vice-Like Indifference


Neglected inside a gun culture equals a what have I got to lose now that everything is gone environment? We are lucky bombs are not being used in public places. Want wars with need and shock is about to descend on millions when GOP governors refuse unemployment money from fed to enforce low wages. It is just beginning. usa is an oligarchy operating on the plantation system. Amazingly, Amazon fouled redlining scheme. Urban dewellers and rural no longer need buy from local over priced stores. Malls are closing. 

Children are about to be evicted and life-scarred. Summer Olympics in Japan anyone? Biles is doing double flips!

ABOUT THE POEM: Damn woman! Preach. :D




Lady A