Thoughts On Inauguration Day

A united nation
Once again
Is for what
We are all striving
Yes it is a tall order
We are ordering
But it's an order 
Beyond needed
Healing from 
The insanity
That has been leading
This country
A new day
Now dawning
As collectively 
Our breathes
We are holding
What now 
The future will bring
But with the promises

That today is bringing
At least now 
We can say

As a new day

Finally begins
Hello to the very healing
We have for too long
Been needing

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  “A nation is only great

“A nation is only great when its citizens fall in love with the art of dwelling in peace and unity.”
Edmond Mbiaka

And the ones who mock unity (you shall find) are also obtuse, belligerent, unhappy, and calamitous because they are both incapable of unison, synchronization, and love. With this type of arrogance, no wonder our country is in such a mess.  


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Positivity As Optimism


A M E N!

in reflection

we remember

what we once

dreamed of


in situa

we accept

a wished for union

of mind, of spirit, 

of love.




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For once we may actully be able to afford to be at least a little bit optimistic and yeah that feels realklky good.

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"A united nation Once again Is for what We are all striving . .

Count me out of your devious unity.

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Devious unity lol

Ok count yourself officially out of it then. 

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Stephen and I rarely agree on

Stephen and I rarely agree on anything---for which I thank the Lord---but I will agree with him to this extent:  he certainly can be counted out.  In my opinion, those who oppose unity---or call it "devious" or other pejorative terms---do so either because they cannot dominate it, or they do not want to be expected to care for, or share with, all the others who constitute the unity. The idea of the rugged frontiersman alone in his own world, with the skin of a rodent on his head and a pair of clodhoppers on his feet, went out with Fenimore Cooper's novels.  The Greatest American, Abraham Lincoiln, called for charity toward allmalice toward none.  I believe that phrase is inscribed in marble on his memorial, and it perfectly encapsulates the unity that is needed to heal this country.      


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I applaud your sentiments in

I applaud your sentiments in this poem.


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Thank You!!