The World As I See It

Static in the air
Confusion everywhere
A world of unrest 
As society 
Greedy as can be 
Has become restless
And refuse to listen
To reason
A country divided
While by hatred are blinded
A new president chosen
The old president
Refusing to accept it
Working together 
At the moment
Not an option
One trying to move forward
As the other tries to hold on
To power quickly 
No longer his
All while 
A global pandemic
Keeps growing
Into a bigger and bigger threat
Yet far too many
Refuse to get it

Or care at all
About it
We won't wear a mask
They say 
Not now or any day
I have rights
This is America
Like saying that means anything
When it comes to the health
And safety 
Of society
Humanity more and more
Each day starts to crumble
As society continues to fail
And to think 
This could have all
Been avoided
If we all just 
Cared about each other at all


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allets's picture

Dear Gurl


The style prosaic is evolving greatnessward. In two years, and ten self-published books later, greatest will follow you like a shadow. To say. To simply say.




LittleLennonGurl's picture

Thank you

I very much needed to hear that today