The Waiting That Is Killing An Entire Country

The country
Stuck in limbo
Dying to see
If we get 
To finally
Find an end
To our four years 
Of pure insanity
Ballots being counted
As ballot counters
Thanks to the 
Current president
Are being confronted
The madness
Starts all over again
Getting worse
And more pathetic
By the minute
But we the people
Have already done
All that we can do
Universe and fate
It's all up to you
As we wait
With baited breath
For the truth
You will bring us

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Embattled Balloteers

  • Take the deepest
  • Breath, feel the air
  • Complain. Show a
  • world what Republic
  • means.
  • .
  • Go home, sleep.
  • Righteously recount
  • each sheep.

  • :D