Have We Learned Anything

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Soon approaching
Once again

For better
Or worse
History in the making
Yes history incoming

A country in shambles
Eagerly waiting
For their turn

To be heard
But what side of history
This time

My dear country

Will we all be standing

Please tell me
My dear society
We have learned our lesson
That the last four years
Of insanity were not for nothing
Please tell me
We are not once again
Just making history blindly

Verse 2
Lies and betrayal
Everyday life
For the demon 
On the hill
Who won't stop
Until of power
He somehow
Gets his fill
We all know
As long as he keeps breathing
He never will
Addicted to the thrill
He goes in 
Once again
For the proverbial kill
As his followers 
As usual
Blindly bow
To his will



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We feel disenfranchisement and brooders and the obsessed turn to threats and mean rhetoric. Such people are cowards trying to claim they are patriots. 1/3 of usa is non-white. Inside ten generations, whites will be 1/3 of population. White ti suptemists hate the inevitable and want to go back in time or stop time. Time has a will of her own.

 ."just making history blindly" - nice line!