The Girl In The Mansion

Song Lyrics


Waking up

In an unfamiliar room
You remember nothing
And a whirl wind 
Of questions
Now fill your head
You look out the window
Your heart
Fills with dread
As you try the door
And run down 
That creepy corridor
You can't help but feel
Like you have been there before


Running and running
But getting nowhere
The world is a blur
It's like a dream world
You swear
You have been here before

Verse 2

You creep 
Down the stairs
Quietly so that
No one will hear
But the stair
Does creak
As into the darkness
You do flee
You cower in horror
As the strangers
Who seem less strange now
Gather around you
And with an outstretched hand
They greet you
Welcome home my treasure


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This is from a poem I wrote years ago

Out of nowhere I got the inspiration to write a song out of a poem I wrote years ago about a dream I had. So yeah for anyone who may have read that one that is why this may sound a little familiar.