America Fallen

Song Lyrics


Verse 1

A society in disguise

Pretending to care

While whining about

Everything being

Just NOT Fair!!

Blinded by ego

Don't care what we are supposed to

Only caring about what we 

Want to

Welcome to how we got here

Does anyone have the map

To the end of this nightmare



Social blinders

Come one come all

One size really does

Fit all

I thought the mask was

Supposed to cover our

Nose and mouth

So what is it doing over our eyes

Verse 2

Karen's throwing tantrums
Refusing to wear a mask
How dumb is that
While cops are killing
And getting away with it
Beyond sick of this shit
We protest and riot
As we become even more
A country in chaos
No way out
Welcome to how
We became America fallen


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well said