The Mirror Tells All (Welcome To The Fall)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Psycho Karens
Putting others health
In danger 
As crazy killers
Some with badges
Others just teenagers
Surrounding us
Everyone at odds
Claiming to do
What is right by God
Who they quote
So constantly
They have forgotten
What the words even mean
Look in the mirror society
What do you see
Because all I see is insanity

Destroying you and me

The mirror sees all
Yes the truth 
Is all it does tell
But will we listen
As of our man made hell
It does tell
Or in our own inflicted sorrow
Will we stay 
As in our lies 
We do drown
More and more
Every day

Verse 2
Mirror Mirror 
On the wall
Will we see 
The truth
Before we fall
The ultimate 
Victims of ourselves
And the insanity

In which we seem
To insist on living
Another day
Another shooting
Another wrongful death
Or wrongful arrest
That is exactly why we protest
And yet somehow
Its us who are wrong
Tell us children
How are you all
Enjoying your never ending fall


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allets's picture

It Is Us

Wrong or right, we will still get the job done. Humans are amazing like that. We throw pissy fits, test boundaries, then ease off. Covid-19 is the great humbler. Besides, God will get tired and say okay, thats enough. Good poem!