Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Came in

Like the double hurricane

It is now bringing

It feels like the end

Long time coming

Is now officially


A virus that apparently

No one can stop or cure

Politicians and toxic news

Media using tragedies

To fuel their own agendas

In this world now

Falling to pieces

Instead of even trying

To fix problems and issues

Using me and you

As pawns in their games

We are drowning living this way

As everyday we scream for change

As their games even we

Continue to play

Each day
Worse than the last
Making us wish for years past
Its all our fault
We are letting evil win
Oh tell me when oh when
Will change and sanity
Have their time to win
Lost in sin
The end begins
Tell me if we all lose
Then who gets to win

Verse 2
Another black man shot
By the police
Who are corrupt
As hell but swear
They’re not
I can’t believe
How far down
This hell
Rabbit hole
We truly got
The signs are screaming at us
Every where
Yet we continue
To deny that they are
Even there

Because if we
Admitted they were
Then god forbid
We would have to
Actually fucking care
About all of this madness
And how we got here
But welcome to the society
That refuses to ever truly
Take any responsibility
The time to grow up is now children
No more time to in our insanity to be drowning
The time has come to start for the better changing
Before our all of us
Our madness starts truly destroying


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Why Things Happen


This is norm, not deviant maddness about to erupt. Now buildings burn and boycotts in this econmy. Imagine guards show up and folks at home boycotting Walmart. Its quiet. Its effective. The buildings from shore to shining shore are coming down now and soon - tap media agenda for where and when. One death too many. 7 shots in the back, paralyzed, most of his intestines removed, liver and kidney damage, severed spinal column. While his kids watched on 1st day of RNC convention and Jacob Blake's 8 year old son in car watched the shooting on his birthday with his two brothers. Fucked for life! Include or lose. This is not good imagery. Soon it will not matter if anarchy is good or sin. It begins. A war. Trump will deploy the military. Kenosha is about to burn. Fed up.




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Well said