Dreamers Awoken To A Hell Unspoken

From a slumber
So sudden
The dreamers
Start to shudder
As into the cold
Abyss that is reality
They do stumble
Their thoughts tumble
As they are caught up
In the mindless mumble
While the people
Walk around
In a weary state
Their dreary minds
Already lost to the fate
Of a faded reality
Too blind to see
It's own insanity
Too far gone
And living in denial
The end has begun
And yet only
The dreamers
Are awake enough
To even notice
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allets's picture

When I wrote poems on my Dell

and transferred them to Postpoems, I got extra spaces - Took them out manually. Now, I compose in pp. 



LittleLennonGurl's picture

Tried to take them out manually

It seems to happen when I start something but can't finish it so I save it in google docs until I can finish it. And apparently it hates it when I do that.

LittleLennonGurl's picture

Please excuse the spaces

I have no idea why it is doing that or how to fix it.