His Legacy Will Change Society

George Floyd
A gentle soul
The only hero
His little girl
Ever did know
Was just living his life
And little did he know
That one cop
With a god comlex
And 3 far too eager
To stand by and watch
Would come along
And end it all
But little did

They know
That his downfall
Would change it all
Psycho cops
Your time is up
We are not 
Going to take it
So consider this your notice
His legacy
Will out weigh
Your insanity
And a better day
We will
Find a way
To see

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A full autopsy report on George Floyd reveals that he fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death,  The STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE 5/29/2020 ingicates that he passed a counterfeit $20 bill.
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Even if any of that is true,

Even if any of that is true, so what? Having a drug problem is not a reason to kill someone. Using a fake $20 is not a reason to kill someone. There were 4 officers there, zero of which executed sound judgment or compassion. Instead, they executed a man in handcuffs. 

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But his dying does not make him a hero.  The radical left has sold you folks a bill of goods.  White folks get killed by bad cops just like black folks.  The problem is not race. The problem is a few bad cops.  99% of the cops are good people just trying to help society.  P.S. Where is the outrage over the killing of David Dorn.  (Google "David Dorn")

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His death was a breaking point

His death may not make him a hero but it was the breaking point for a society sick of seeing black people dying at the hands of cops at rates higher than any other race. Yes white people get killed by them too and the system is broken but that is basically what this movement is trying to fix. It is trying to fix a broken system that has allowed bad cops to get a free pass for far too long.

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99% of nothing is good. It's

99% of nothing is good. It's not 99% by a long shot. I didn't call him a hero, I didnt know him. He was murdered ON CAMERA and seen by multiple witnesses. That's no lie. Saying 'oh, he was a drug addict'...that's victim blaming! Idk if he was or wasn't and I don't care either way. He was murdered completely senselessly and died struggling under the weight of 3 grown men restraining him! 

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 "Time is up. Time is out.

 "Time is up. Time is out. This is the time." —Rev. Al Sharpton at George Floyd's memorial service. 


Thank you! This flood of hope is just what I needed to rise above the despair that this brutal crime has caused. I love the resolve, the determination and the progressive ideals you voiced here. The perfect monument to George Floyd's memory. 

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By the way it has already been debunked that he was drunk and trying to pass off a counterfeit bill. And the fact that a comment I had to delete made me need to say this makes me sick.