Haunted And Alone

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Fragile glass

Stepped on

By memories passed

Haunted by ghosts

Of days gone by

Like photographs 

Forever etched 

Into ones 

Chaotic mind

Clouding one’s eye

That is never

Truly blind

To the truth

Of the hell

They have been through

But just distorted enough

To never truly remember

The full truth

But be aware 

My child

In time

Every truth

Does come back to you

Broken promises
Forever haunting you
From those closest to you
Forever shitting on
All you do
Try as you may
You just can't
Do anything right
So why even try


Verse 2
Distorted memories
Of the past
Come back
As nightmares passed
Screaming out
For comfort at last
But none is to be found
You are
Once again
All alone
In the brokeness
You are
Forced to call home
Living as
A hollow shell
In a living hell
You cannot show
You hide the signs
So no one knows
Calling out
Within the shadows
For a hero

As you fade away
As another unknown


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