Anxiety Strikes Again

Madness screaming
In my head 
Breaking my heart
That keeps beating
Even though it wishes
It could just
Give up instead
Soul shattered 
By yet another
Anxiety attack
Trying to fight it
But it's like a demon

In my head has 

Taken control
And the harder I fight
The more I am 
Plunged into hell
Panicked and overwhelmed
I have no choice
But to wait it out
Crying in pain
Praying this never
Happens again
But then again 
That's what I prayed last time
And just when I think
I am going to 
Completely lose my mind
As quickly as it starts
It finally ends
And numbly 
I relax 
And bask in 
The sweet, sweet silence
That has taken over
My battered mind


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To be struck with it unawares, a sad thing. I researched it recently - sometimes hereditary; they have meds for it, interestingly they are all anti-depressants. Creative outlets are great. 



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Anxiety is a constant but you

Anxiety is a constant but you seem to be able to turn nervous energy into creativity.  that's a good thing.

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Thank you. Yesterday was a bad day for me but today I decided to turn that pain into something creative and productive. I guess it's my way of taking back control.