My Irish Angel


Jack a boy
Mr. Sean William McLaughlin
The Irish angel
That always makes
My soul smile 
And the 

Irish in me 

Jump for joy 
And swell with pride

For he is proof

That when it comes

To doing good

In the world

The Irish know

How to do it right
A bright light 
In my darkness
As well as in the darkness

Of countless others
The beautiful 

Apple of our eye
The kind of guy
Who can make you smile
When all you want
To do is cry
Makes a point of letting
Every one of us know
That we are never alone
For he is always there
And even if no one else does
He always cares
And that honestly 
Means everything
So thank you Jack
For being my gamer hero

Like no other

Of you and all

The beautiful
And wonderful 

Things you do
I could not be prouder
And I know I am not

The only one

Thank you for 

Showing us all 
So much love
Just remember that love

Is mutual and
Deservedly so
Because we truly do
Love you more

Than you will ever know
Love you Jack!!
And thank you

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