Be Forever Real

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Stranded in the darkness
Of a society
By which I am branded
Something so far
From who I truly am

It's sick and pathetic
I just can't stand it
Try to fight back

Set the record straight
But no one wants to hear it
So I run and hide 
Making a difference
Anyway that I can

Behind the scenes
Out of sight

Out of mind

I will be your target
No longer

Open your eyes
Open your ears
Let yourself
The truth finally hear
Open your heart
Listen to it
And go with what
You do feel
And no matter what
Society does to
Or puts you through
Always remember
To be forever real

World so cold 
Can't help but fear it
Wishing somehow
I could fix
And cure it
But can't get through
To those who just
Don't want to hear it
I'm just a dreamer
Lost and abandoned 
Wishing I could help
Make things better
If only people
Would just 
For once listen
If only they
Would finally care
Then maybe that dream
Of a world that is better
Society would actually
Have a chance to get there


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allets's picture


u r planning on running for President of USA one day afuture. - slc



LittleLennonGurl's picture

LOl wasn't planning on it

Why, should I?