Chaotic Mind

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
That is killing me

Racing endlessly
Through out
My weary head
Want to sleep
But the nightmares
Keep getting me
The memories
Haunting me
Wish they would
Just let me sleep
All in my head they say
No shit I say
Any idea how to shut
My mind up
It would really help

After being

And abused 
Not to mention used
You still wonder
Why I have 

Trust issues
What the fuck
Is wrong with you

Verse 2
Better than this

I know I am

Yet a building
Person or song

And I am 12 again
Hiding in fear
From the bullies
Wondering why
The adults 
Never seemed to care
They saw it all
I know they did
But no one came running
If for help
I ever did call
Decided I wasn't worth it
Better let me fall
And you wonder why 
I can't sleep at night
Hell even then
I knew that shit
Just wasn't right


Verse 3
Stuck once again
This nightmare
Just never ends
Greatful to have
A place to live
I try to make

The best of it
I just wish 
Me being back here

My subconcious
Could actually handle it
Still it could be worse
Would die on the street
In a fucking heart beat
I wish every day

That wasn't a choice 
I ever had to make
But hey
Today is a new day
My time to shine
Now if only 
I could just quiet

The chaos in my mind


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