Ode To Felix (Can You Do This!!)


Verse 1
Here's to the YouTuber
Who loves to push buttons
Knows better than anyone
How to get our attention
Sarcastic and funny
Beyond adorable
And lovable
Makes you proud

To be the weirdo
That you are
No one else like him

By the way
Have you seen his chair

The king of YouTube
And lord of the memes

Go ahead and try
Telling me 
You don't love him too
But you know I'm 
Just not buying it
By the way 
Can you do this!!

Verse 2
The Swedish boy wonder
And his adorable 
Doggy sidekick
The one and only Edgar
Taking over the internet

One kick ass video 
At a time
Get's way more hate
Than he deserves
Is better than 

Any of us deserve 
My hero 

Like no other 
So come on now
Say with me
Can you do this!!!!



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