An Overdue Wake Up Call

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
This is a wake up call
To a society 
That is so out of touch
With reality
It is nothing 
Short of crazy
A fucked up
Whacked out
And a justice system
That has never
Known a damn
Thing about true justice

Both Only caring about
Doing whatever it takes
To get the ka ching
And the glory
Of closing a case
That was freak show

From the get go
This is our true reality
And it's about time 
We woke up

So we can be 
In the know

Ledell Lee
And so many others
All victims
Of a system 
That never cared 
About the truth
Of any of them
But oh how they love
The ones who 
Can pay them
Welcome to our
In justice system

Verse 2
Right now folks
Yes this very day
There is an innocent 
Waiting to die
That deserves to

But won't be saved
In the cell
Of ther living hell
They sit 
And they wait 
To be told
That for thier 

The state is ready

Out of choices
And knowing how
Meaningless to 

These assholes
Their voice is
They follow quietly
So broken
They can't even remember

How freedom felt
Strapped to the death table
Hatred and laughter 
From his captors 
Becomes the last sound
In his life he hears
Before his body shuts down
And another innocent is gone

Without a second thought



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and we walk around like litte

and we walk around like litte sheep asking for more

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