Are You Proud Now

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Here we go again
Getting old isn't it
Yet another nut job
With a gun
This time 
Targeting youtube
Head quarters
Can you tell me why
Or what for
Honestly I suppose
It really doesn't matter

This shit needs to end
And it needs to end now


Making no sense
A country split in two
Drowning in chaos
Society lost 
In pure madness
What have we done
What have we done

Verse 2
Can someone tell me

Why when it comes to the laws
We do have 
We rarely enforce them
And how some 18 year old

Off the street 
Can buy in five minutes

An assault rifle 
With no problem
Please someone 
Explain to me
This insanity
And why it should
Make sense to me


Verse 3
Children marching 
For safer schools
While guns nuts
Are attacking
Victims of
School shootings 
And acting the fool
This is our reality America

This is the world 
That we made
By being this way
Anyone actually proud of this
Because I'm not

No not me




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