Oh Sanity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Oh sanity
How the world

Does long for thee
Living in nothing
But hate and greed
We yearn to see

But wander blindly
As conformists
Puppets on strings
Why do we let this be
Verse 2
Will peace 
Ever be
Can it 

Ever be
More than
Just a dream
Will we ever 
Learn to see

Or will we 
Live forever blindly
It's true you see
A working class hero
Is something to be
And yes
Love is all we need
To rid the world
of hate and greed
So that we finally gain 
The peace we seek
Verse 3
So rebels
Freedom fighters
And believers
Please never
Forget to 
Keep dreaming

And never stop believing
That peace may
Someday be
Our true reality

While hate and greed
Will be but
A faded memory

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