What Will It Matter

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We fight to live
We live to fight
living each day
In nothing but lies
Trying to get
A piece of that pie
But what will it matter
When it's our 
Time to die

In all our 
Greed and pride
All we seem 
To do is fight
But what will it matter

When it's our turn to die

Verse 2
Little children cry
As we search
For a sign
That we might 
Be alright
But still 
All we do is fight
Oh tell me why
We seem to think
This is somehow right


Verse 3
In our pride
We are lost
Still the 
Same old song
No matter the cost
We never learn
Thinking we are fighting

For bullshit we deserve
Yet again we fight
In our foolish
Greed and pride


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