Whatever Happened To Love

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The stars that shine above
Have had about enough
Of looking down
At a world
Gone so wrong

Hatred and chaos
No sanity 
To be found
Tell me please
Whatever happened to love

We all die young
In a heart beat 
We're gone

Tell me where did
All this anger, hate,
And bigotry came from
Just please tell me

What happened to love

Verse 2
We live each day
In so much 
Fear and pain

We just can't seem
To make it go away
As it slowly drives
Us all insane
Trying so hard
To keep it at bay
While playing 
Society's game

Why do we live this way


Verse 3
Can you please
Just tell me why
It's always 
The Blind 
Leading the blind
We spend so much time

Feeling nothing
But lost inside

Doing nothing
But losing our minds
Please tell me why

We let this become life


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