Thank You Pewds



Verse 1
Felix Kjellberg
Aka PewDiePie
To over
59 million viewers 
And counting
He is a hero 
Who makes us laugh
When no one else can
Silly and awkward
Totally part of his charm
Hashtag insanly relatable
On more levels 
Than he even knows
Leader of the squad fam
And forver king of the bro's

We love this guy
And hope it shows

A Swedish goofball
Who unites us all
Picks us up
When we fall
Always there 
When we call
Even when our day
Seems beyond bad
He is always there
Just a video away

Verse 2
From Swedish nerd 
To youtube hero
Known all 
Around the world
Loves to push buttons
Our adorable trouble maker
With a heart of gold
Has raised millions
For charity 
Humble and grateful
For all of us who are 
Always there
Still asking how
He even got here
Though to us
That answer is 
Beyond clear
Thank you Pewds 
For being you 
And always being there




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