Verse 1
What an amazing 
Fucking guy
58 million subscribers
No the numbers don't lie
The world can't get enough
Of this fucking guy

And it's not hard

To figure out why
Beautiful and brilliant
To his fans
Nothing short of wonderful
And when it comes to charity
Always willing to lend a hand
For sure an incredible man
Let's face it 
If Pewds can't do it
No one can

The undisputed
King of youtube
He believes in me

And believes in you
For every single one of us
Forever grateful
A hero to all of us
Here is to one we love!

Verse 2
The light and joy
In our day 
What more can I say 
He means the world to us
And we mean the world to him

And anyone who doubts that
Just doesn't get him
And probably doesn't
Deserve him
But hey 
Since when is that
For me to say
All I know is 
I look up to him
And admit it 
You do too
So thank you Pewds
From all of us 
For every single 
Thing you do



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