Happy Birthday My Beautiful Idol

Manson and Twiggy

Happy Birthday
To my idol
My beautiful
Goth and always

The individual hero
What you think
Of him
He does not care
A man like him
Is truly rare
And brilliant

Dark yet still
The light
In my darkness

That makes you think
Freedom in a sea

Of conformity 
A voice of reason
You often
Don't see coming
But whose truth

There is no denying
Best friends
With my favorite actor
And to the West Memphis Three
A fellow supporter 

Loves animals

And great with children
I swear my dear Marilyn
The world just doesn't

Give you enough credit
Creative chaos and
Brilliantly intelligent
Say what you will

About him

But I will always love him
My kooky, crazy, beautiful
Marilyn Manson 

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