Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson

Manson and Twiggy

Happy Birthday
To Mr. Chaos
The so called 
God Of Fuck
Someone of which
I can never seem

To get enough

Happy Birthday

To a man
Who never fails

To inspire me
And make me feel free
Happy Birthday
To a man
That makes me

Proud just to be me

Gives me a voice

When I feel
I have none
Lifts me up

And makes me feel
I am not alone

When I am feeling

Like I have no one 

Happy Birthday
To a man
Whose music

Makes me feel strong

Like I can do anything
Who just by
Being himself

Encourages me
To just be me
And do so proudly
Happy birthday
To a man
That never fails

To put a smile

On my face
And always

Makes my day
Happy Birthday
Marilyn Manson
For what you 

Have done for me

I can't thank you enough

And you best believe

If nothing else

The three things
I will always have
For you

Are respect, loyalty,
And never ending love
Happy Birthday Marilyn

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