Don’t choose your next dress for an occasion before reading these tips

Whenever we speak of dressing perfectly for a special occasion, we can’t conclude without giving a special mention to the royals as they’re the ones who know a lot on dressing for an occasion. The first brand which they turn to for a special outfit is Catherine Walker. During the 1980s, Catherine Walker developed an intimate relationship with the then princess, Late Princess Diana as she began designing majority of her show-stopping gowns.

If you’re someone who has recently received a black tie invitation on your door mat, apart from the instant excitement that comes with it, there associates a sense of panic – “What am I going to wear?” Would you want to look ‘wow’ in the perfect occasion dresses that you wear? No matter where you’re going to attend an event, here are few tips to keep in mind.

To save your hard-earned dollars, shop seasonally

What if you’re trying to buy a summer dress for an upcoming occasion? Don’t you think summer is the best time of the year for buying the best summer dresses? Similarly, if you’re looking for a heavily sequined dress to wear for an occasion that has come up during winter, wait for winter to buy it. Majority of the stores in your locality will have their summer and winter collections in stock during the respective seasons. On the other hand, there are online sites like JJ’s House where you can get all sorts of dresses irrespective of the season.

Be well acquainted with every angle in your body

Majority of us have the habit of taking a front-view of our body in front of the mirror before leaving for somewhere. But you also need to take a close look at how the dress looks on you from the back or from the sides. It’s vital to take into account each and every angle of your body. If making a statement is all that is in your mind, you may choose a dress which has got exceptional detailing at the back. Try your best to make your departure as momentous as your arrival!

Take into account the shape of your body

The best occasion dress is definitely the one that showcases all your assets, highlights the best features and makes you forget any of those body parts which you’re usually ashamed of. Before going out for dress shopping, keep your body shape in mind. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a dress that looks great on the Vogue cover; rather choose one that suits your figure.

ü  You may wear a figure-hugging dress if you’re long and lean as you can show off your hips and legs.

ü  With an hourglass figure, choose a dress that highlights your bust and waist so that you can make the most out of your figure.

ü  In case of a pear-shaped body, choose a dress that brings back proportion to your body. Sleeveless or strapless dresses are certainly a perfect choice to show off your slender arms.

So now that you have a clear idea on the techniques of shopping for an occasion dress, start raiding your offline or online store to hoard the best dresses in your wardrobe.

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