Fields of Glory


Fields of Glory

Cars on I-5 go whooshing by,
I pretend the sound is the waves on the shore.
A dead leaf falls to the floor with a crackle.
Too bad, I liked that plant.
You have to be tough to make it here now..

This place didn't used to be so crowded-
once it was like a tidy clean field.
There was the rare flower here and there but
most of the weeds were cleared.
As yet untilled, waiting, yes, anything but fallow..

Long legged man saunters by,
likes my tidy fields with the rogue flowers;
Sees my soil so dark and rich and warm.
He rises up with his long legs and heavy sack,
him thinking I have waited for his seed to be reborn..

And he does sink that big plow
into the loamy dark depths.
That man, he becomes strong.
Might filling his muscles with right.
The day seems forever long enough..

I smile from my kitchen,
my love like the glow in a cat's eye.
Seeing the gifts he brings me,
I start the cooking
Hard work needs it's reward..

Later with his rough hands
tangled in my long hair, his mouth soft whispers,
I knew the land would bloom.
She and I would give forth our bounty.
When it did, it was good and happiness grew.

The long legged man smiled
as he sighed into his favorite chair.
I began the aftercare
the cleaning, the canning,
the collecting of the dreams..

The babies came and whirled about my feet,
grew so tall, laughed and went away.
Young trees grew old and the road dusty.
The fields aren't quite tidy now,
Creaking knees gave way to weeds..

I wait in the civil twilight
listening to the cricket song.
Waiting for something to happen.
Inside a low, long snore calls out to me
While a book drops to the floor.


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allets's picture

loved the last verse

the book falling, marvelous ~slc~