Play house

The door flies open, your bags drop to the ground.
I yell baby I missed you, then you quickly turn around.

Your stare tells it all
- those sharp peircing eyes,

My body starts shaking, anticipating, quaking
-damn you caught me by surprise.

Lift me up, wrap your arms around me.. wait,
touch me, love me
-there is no time to waste.

Take me to the bedroom, where you and I shall lay,
be my prince, my tiger it is time to play.

I wont fight you, I wont tease
Im all yours, and im here to please.

Unbutton your shirt, while you loosen up mine.
Unzip your pants...
Now we both know it's time.

Let's play house.
You be the daddy, and the king of the throne,
And im your lady, your baby,
and this is our home.

No one can break us, because together we grow.

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its beautiful, i like it.

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Wonderfully amazing!

This poem is wonderfully amazing and powerful! Powerfully passionate in that certain way :P I like it a lot!!